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Tips for Filing a Successful Foreign Investor Visa

When deciding to file a petition for the foreign investor visa, you need to understand the requirements and guidelines that will assist you to successfully get a visa.

Make sure that you have sufficient investment funds for the type of business that you are considering. The investment amount must cover all the expenses of starting the enterprise as well as expenses of day-to-day operations. You can prove that the investment is substantial by showing your business or personal bank statement or a letter from the bank.

Before you apply for your investor visa, make sure that you develop a feasible business plan so that you meet the requirements of the program. Make sure that your business plan explains the services and goods that your enterprise will offer, assets of the company, expenses, your plan to increase revenue as well as your projected plan to outdo your competitors. To help you come up with a viable business plan, consider hiring consultants who are specialized in writing these plans.

If you are
looking for the E-2 visa, make sure that you are a national of a treaty country. The treaty investor visa allows citizens of a treaty country to make an investment in the United States and reside there. You may not be residing in the treaty country, but as long as you are a citizen of the country, you can apply.

Another tip for filling a successful investor visa is to ensure that your business entity is properly set up. A real enterprise is one that offers tangible goods and services for profit. Businesses like restaurants and retail stores do qualify while a speculative business like the real estate investment does not qualify.

The other tip for a successful foreign investor visa is to provide a detailed statement that explains the source of the investment funds. The statement should be accompanied by documents that verify the money was gotten in a legal manner and not from any criminal means.

You will be required to prove that your investment will create enough jobs to stimulate the economy of the U.S. If you are looking to invest in a new business, you need to do adequate research in order to ensure that it will have a tangible impact to the economy. You will need to prepare to hire employees from the USA so that you can stimulate its economy.

In order for your investment to qualify for the program, your business should be located in the right area. If you are looking for a EB-5 visa, investing $ 1 million and more will permit you to invest in any part in the U.S.

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